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pure touch spa
pure touch spa
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The characteristic facet of a Puretouch spa is the concept based and theme based ambiance and healing therapies. Our spas exclusively offer alleviating Puretouch healing experience. Puretouch spa solely differs from other spas in treatment methods and concepts. Unlike just being a treatment method Puretouch therapies rejuvenate body and mind.

Puretouch spa professionals are specially trained in our own academies. The healing aspect of therapy is intertwined with spiritual aspect to create a divine experience in the healed.

We adhere to our own concepts like ‘solus per art’ pure touch, ‘solus per ahar’ etc… Puretouch believes that wellness is the result of a healthy lifestyle which includes therapies, healthy food, healthy habits etc… Based on this wellness concept Puretouch has, after extensive researches, developed varieties of healing methods, spa foods etc… Juice therapy is an example to this concept. There are nearly 15 spa juices specially designed by Puretouch spa.

Vedic spa theme is another benchmark of Puretouch spa. Being based on the traditional therapy methods and effectiveness of ancient practices Puretouch spa renders all Vedas into healing therapies. Ayurveda is integrated in the therapy though Puretouch methods differ from Ayurveda practices. Vedic spa is included just to avail the healing effects of veda to all sects of people.

Puretouch spa strongly believes in always being innovative through ongoing research and development program. We always look in and around the globe to acquire effective healing methods as our prime aim is complete healing and customer satisfaction. We specialize in concept based therapy methods.

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