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Spa Hospital

Spa hospital today is a place to learn how to live better longer, improving
how we can “ look our best and feel our best” while we enjoy interacting and
socializing with like-minded people. Spa hospital environment help each
patient step back and look at his or her life in a larger context while
facilitating physical mental and spiritual connection essential to well
being. There will be a complete relaxing and pleasant environment.

What is spa hospital?
Spa hospital is where alternative medicines and complementary therapies
interlinks. It is a hybrid between a medical clinic and a destination spa
that operates under the control of a medical professionals. Spa hospital
provides holistic treatments like naturopathy, ayurveda, yoga, spa
therapies, acupuncture and beauty therapy. The goal helps you to achieve a
permanent cure.

Why spa hospital?
Spa hospital is essential to achieve the basic need of the patient . We
helps you to get rid from your mental stress which is the basic cause of
disease in this modern age through music therapy, visualization, meditation
and pranayama etc. This also helps in changing your life style pattern, food
pattern and also in positive promotion of the health. We will have an
integrated approach towards the patient so they will have a homely feeling
in our hospital.

Naturopathic treatments like hydrotherapy, mud therapy, diet therapy and
ayurvedic treatments like nasyam , kizhi , dhara , kadi basthi, janu basthi
, abyangam , udvarthanam, pizhichil etc. And also we are providing spa
therapies like shiathsu , thai massage , aromatherapy , music therapy , hot
stone , Swedish massage which includes deep tissue massage, lymphatic
drainage and relaxing massage, beauty therapies like pedicure manicure,
facial, face scrub, body scrub etc. Yoga therapy , acupuncture are also


We are having a full fledged holistic hospital with medical professionals
and also well trained certified staff. Also a diet section which provide
natural diet depending on the disease. We are having yoga and meditation
hall, separate treatment section and also accommodation facilities for the

Lavender, sandal , tea tree, rose wood & peppermint.
Lavender – 5 days
Sandal – 7 days
Tea tree – 9 days
Rose wood – 12 days
Peppermint – 15 days

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